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Beijing Chinese Takeaways

In Beijing, great food is far from ‘forbidden’. Here you can take a tour of traditional cuisine and myriad duck dishes, then taste the changes as chefs update the classics and embrace new Western ideas, says Alex Mead

In times gone by, when the 63-tonne brass bell in the aptly named Bell Tower used to ring out across Beijing, it signalled time for the common folk to get back inside the city walls and stay put for the night. Having no doubt toiled greatly during the day doing whatever it was that 18th-century Chinese people did that would constitute toiling, they were probably glad to be home anyway. Especially as what would be waiting for them would surely be hot, meaty and full of whatever vegetables they…

  • Planet Auckland

    Auckland Planet Auckland

    The citizens of this New Zealand city and its environs, seen by many as a land apart, preside over a Pacific outpost of cool with a creative food scene to match. Michael Raffael joins them.

  • Isle of Plenty

    St. Lucia Isle of Plenty

    Its organic farms and lush landscapes are home to exotic vanilla, pineapple, papaya and thousands of cocoa trees. The island of St Lucia has a vibrant culinary culture that’s being redefined by its people. Lydia Bell ascends to a Caribbean food heaven

  • Polynesian Pantry

    Cook Islands Polynesian Pantry

    Cooking in the far-flung collection of coral atolls that make up the Cook Islands means beach barbecues of chilli mud crab, slow-roasted pork and tropical fruits, charred fresh off the trees. Welcome to the land of coconut milk and honey, says Marc Millon

  • The Devil is in the detail

    Tasmania The Devil is in the detail

    Australia’s southernmost state is one of the country’s foremost gastronomic hot culinary streak. Pay a visit to the ‘Apple Isle’ and you can sample oysters, meats, spots, thanks to a vast array of natural produce and a creative wines and whiskies that are a world apart, says Alicia Miller

  • Norman Conquests

    Normandy Norman Conquests

    Normandy’s sweeping beaches, speckled cows and soft cheeses create a snapshot of idyllic French life – and the Calvados and haute cuisine of the region are not to be missed, says Michael Raffael

  • The MINOS touch

    Crete The MINOS touch

    Steeped in myth and cultures from the Minoans to Ottomans, Crete enjoys bountiful natural produce too. Its olives, cheeses, wines and seafood are all part of the legend, says Rosemary Barron

  • Danish Streak

    Denmark Danish Streak

    Spread across the blissful outcrops of Denmark, small restaurants, farms and artisan producers wait to inspire, as Michael Raffael finds out on an island-hopping tour

  • Galicia

    Galicia, Spain Galicia

    A bounty of sought-after seafood, classic and new-wave wines and culinary traditions exist in Galicia – perhaps that’s why so many pilgrims flock to northwest Spain, says Fiona Sims

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