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Riga, Latvia Latvian Spirit

A renaissance in artisan food and wines, innovative chefs and produce that defines the city have all helped to shape Riga’s new personality. Steel yourself for a punchy shot of the bittersweet Black Balsam liqueur in this vibrant Baltic capital, says Michael Raffael

‘They tell me Riga is the nicest place in the world,’ wrote the composer Richard Wagner, before adding, ‘especially when it comes to earning money.’ Latvia’s capital certainly prospered back in 1837. When Wagner settled here it was the most important port in the Russian empire. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and resulting independence, it has regained its vitality and chutzpah, to the extent that last year it was crowned European Capital of Culture. Through those long summer…

  • Devon is a Place on Earth

    Devon, UK Devon is a Place on Earth

    Cheesemakers, cider slurpers, fishermen and slow-food saviours all call North Devon home, as Marc Millon finds out on a VW Camper road trip visiting its choicest cuts
  • Canadian Crunch

    Montreal - Canada Canadian Crunch

    Nose-to-tail chefs, crisp ciders and dainty pastries make a warm welcome in Montreal, whose culinary identity is sweeter than its comforting maple syrup, finds Fiona Sims
  • Little & Large

    Menorca & Majorca Little & Large

    Sea, sandy beaches and sunshine may have long put neighbours Menorca and Majorca on the map, but the Balearic Islands’ juicy olives, lavish lobster stews and wild juniper gin are reasons to plot a course too. Centuries-old recipes and 21st-century chefs tempt Michael Raffael
  • In The Melting Pot

    Istanbul In The Melting Pot

    Straddling two continents and staying true to both, Istanbul has an enviable culinary kudos. Eclectic street food, new-wave cooks and coffee thicker than the fog on the Bosphorus all ignite the senses for Michael Raffael
  • Tribal Fare

    Papua New Guinea Tribal Fare

    Remote and tropical, Papua New Guinea is lapped by seafood-rich azure waters and steeped in tradition. Pork belly is roasted with spiritual fervour, while yams from fertile valleys and bananas, coconuts and ginger flavour the freshest feasts. Michael Raffael takes a bite…
  • Admirable Nelson

    New Zealand Admirable Nelson

    The laid-back pace of life in the rural haven of New Zealand’s South Island belies the variety of vineyards, breweries, dairies and other small-scale yet big-hearted producers, says Michael Raffael, who visits the coastal city of Nelson and the countryside beyond
  • Sweet like kandy

    Sri Lanka Sweet like kandy

    Tuk-tuks honk in the tropical heat, zipping past markets heaving with guava, coconuts and chillies. Kandy, Sri Lanka’s cultural capital, encapsulates the heart of this far-flung island – and heading into the surrounding Hill Country, Marc Millon finds empire-era tea estates steeped in calm
  • Chinese Takeaways

    Beijing Chinese Takeaways

    In Beijing, great food is far from ‘forbidden’. Here you can take a tour of traditional cuisine and myriad duck dishes, then taste the changes as chefs update the classics and embrace new Western ideas, says Alex Mead
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