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Coming from the East, they are a sponge for flavour and soak up spices as well as oil. Striped or purple, bulbous or slender, the 'eggplant' is cracking, says Clarissa Hyman


  • Simpsons

    Simpsons Birmingham

    An imaginative kitchen team and honed service put one Edgbaston restaurant at the top of its game Birmingham’s reputation for fine dining has…

  • Imàgo

    Imàgo Rome

    Think of Rome and what springs to mind – the Spanish Steps, St Peter’s Basilica? Dine at Imàgo, at the top of the former, and you’ll get…

  • East Beach Cafe

    East Beach Cafe Littlehampton

    With a design initially based on a piece of driftwood, you’ll be amazed by East Beach Cafe before you even step inside to taste its culinary…


  • Paul Ainsworth

    Paul Ainsworth

    Having picked up a Michelin star (and a Food and Travel gong) for Number 6, the chef has helped prove Padstow offers more than just Rick Stein’s empire. Alex Mead hears where he likes to travel and eat…

Cookery Schools

  • Cambridge Cookery School

    Cambridge Cookery School

    In Cambridge, arguably the country’s finest seat of learning (sorry Oxford, it’s nothing personal), Tine Roche, a Swede, and her New Zealand business partner Liz Young have found a city to match their own ambition and international tastes.…

Deli of the Month

  • Amaretto


    Spanish and Italian specialities, celebration cakes, home-cooked and locally produced food, fresh croissants and homemade sausage rolls – Amaretto Delicatessen in a quiet, artistic corner of the city centre, can be said to be truly cosmopolitan.…

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