Savoy cabbage

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Savoy cabbage

With its emerald-green and crinkly leaves savoy is one classy cabbage, perfect for stuffing, stir-frying and slow cooking, says Clarissa Hyman


  • Sixtyone Marylebone

    Sixtyone Marylebone London

    It is a pleasing surprise to find a sense of luxurious peace in a central London restaurant. There’s a quiet buzz at Sixtyone – a
  • Mr Cooper’s House & Garden

    Mr Cooper’s House & Garden Manchester

    A century-old tree anchors the action at the centre of the ‘patio’ garden of Simon Rogan’s Manchester restaurant. Said tree belonged
  • Simpsons

    Simpsons Birmingham

    An imaginative kitchen team and honed service put one Edgbaston restaurant at the top of its game Birmingham’s reputation for fine dining


  • Juan Mari Arzak

    Juan Mari Arzak

    A godfather of Basque cuisine, Arzak helped bring us spherification, cooking with liquid nitrogen and countless techniques that grace modern menus. Mark Sansom speaks to a legend of molecular gastronomy

Cookery Schools

  • School of Wok, Covent Garden

    School of Wok, Covent Garden

    ‘Are you ready… to wok?’ It’s the first question that’s barked out as we walk into the entrance of School of Wok on a recording studio -festooned Covent Garden street. But no, I haven’t enrolled on a Jack Black-led musical

Deli of the Month

  • Hills and Parkes

    Hills and Parkes

    A shared love of food and a dream to run their own deli saw two south London mums, Emma Ring and Jacqui Roper, take their playground conversations to the next level in 2010. Having got the green light from the local authorities, they bought

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