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Beautiful spring cherry blossom, bustling ramen joints and world-class whiskies make the main city…...


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Joe Beef

Eating Out

Joe Beef

Montreal, Canada

Joe Beef, essentially a neighbourhood bistro in Montreal’s Little Burgundy, has become Canada’s new culinary must-do, ever since New York super chef David Chang named it as one of his favourite restaurants a few years back. But chef-patron…

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Caribbean Classic

Places to Stay

Caribbean Classic

Curtain Bluff, Antigua

If return visits reflect quality, Curtain Bluff is top of the pile. Occupying a striking peninsula off southern Antigua in the West Indies, the family- owned, five-star all-inclusive attracts generation after generation of the same families. They come for the…


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Editor's Letter

Guy Woodward

Food and Travel Editor: Guy Woodward

Are you a city or a country type? Are you happier in among the bright lights, or out across the rolling hills? Personally, I love the thrill of that urban buzz, but find that after a few days in a new city, I’m desperate for some space and solitude – something that isn’t always possible. If you’re clever, though, there are holidays that offer the best of both worlds – hip and happening cities with spectacular rural escapes right on their doorstep. And we’ve put together seven such standout examples for you in this issue. Turn to page 64 to see our picks.
Travel is all about embracing just that sort of variety, something that we try to do here every month. So alongside our Gourmet Traveller feature on the food trucks and urban farmers of Portland, and our lip-smacking recipes for gourmet sandwiches, this month you’ll also find the world’s most spectacular train journeys (topped by a route in Scotland) and recipes for Middle Eastern stews and soups.
Whatever your preferences, hopefully you’ll find there’s something for everyone in the following pages. As ever, tell us what you think – why not tweet us your thoughts and ideas?

Guy Woodward - Editor