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Fennel July -


Its fine, feathery foliage popular since Roman times, this bulbous beauty lends a mellow hit of anise to salads, meat, fish and more, says Clarissa Hyman

Umbelliferous. One has to say this word slowly… umbelliferous. Roll it round the tongue and savour those swaying syllables. More to the prosaic point, umbelliferous is the botanical name for a family of aromatic plants with hollow stems and, well, umbel-shaped flowers: the word was coined in the 1950s to describe the way in which the short flower stalks spread from a common point, rather like umbrella ribs. Foeniculum vulgare or fennel belongs to this particularly large plant clan which also numbers celery, coriander, dill and parsley amongst its members. The word foeniculum itself derives from the Latin for fragrant hay – a very apt description, as It is a tall, strong green or bronze perennial with yellow flowers and acid-green, feathery foliage. In appearance, it is similar to its sibling dill, but tastes more emphatically of aniseed. Virtually all the plant is edible, so like a

  • Chicory

    January produce

    Scallops, kale, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, chicory and pomegranates

  • Lemons

    February produce

    Cauliflowers, swede, oysters, lemons and passion fruit

  • Oranges

    March produce

    Purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage and oranges

  • Blood Oranges

    April produce

    Spring herbs, spinach, watercress, shallots, blood oranges and rhubarb

  • Rocket

    May produce

    French beans, asparagus, Jersey royals, peas, spinach and rocket

  • Broad beans

    June produce

    Samphire, broad beans, gooseberries, cherries, strawberries and honey

  • Fennel

    July produce

    Courgettes, cucumbers and artichokes

  • Aubergines

    August produce

    Aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and apricots

  • Peppers

    September produce

    Peppers and figs

  • Sweet potatoes

    October produce

    Wild mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes, fennel, apples and plums

  • Savoy cabbage

    November produce

    Savoy cabbage, pumpkins, celeriac, carrots, cavolo nero, potatoes, truffles and dates

  • Chestnuts

    December produce

    Brussels sprouts, nuts, walnuts, chestnuts and cranberries

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